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♀: Lost Boy. Vagabond. Girl Monster. Approach with cupcakes. // ♥: Gundam, Utena, costuming, languages, rainbows, bodies, stage combat, fashion, vodka, travel, comics, octopuses, city lights, sci-fi, art, books, false moustaches. // I'm a 20-something currently living in Texas. HOWDY, STRANGER.

HEY THERE! Just a quick note to say that I’ll be out of the country from tomorrow until about the 6th of August, so I’ll probably be pretty scarce but I’ll try to keep at least a bit active here. Have a good next few weeks!

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This is making its rounds again. I am ever so pleased. 

still love that the dub translated this as “the one with the most talent”

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"Sometimes you just gotta accept that some people can only be in your heart, not in your life."
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how to cosplay

  • cry
  • procrastinate
  • spend obscene amounts of money at the craft store
  • ???????
  • pray to the cosplay goddess for redemption
  • bleed on costume
  • cry some more
  • woolah you are now a cosplayer

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